Virginia Green

The Lake Ridge Occoquan Coles Civic Association (LOCCA) and its principle committee, the Planning, Environment, Land-Use, and Transportation Committee (PELT) were formed over four decades ago with the recognition that communities are fragile and that efforts are needed to establish and maintain a sense of community.  Further, this community group recognized that the environment needs to be protected while providing adequate transportation systems and acknowledging that the community will continue to grow and develop.  With these factors in mind LOCCA/PELT seeks to preserve a sense of community by working with citizens and the development/business community to establish and maintain community standards for architecture and design.  One of LOCCA’s proudest accomplishments was having Lake Ridge named the Charter Virginia Green Community in 1991.

LOCCA/PELT meets monthly to address a variety of development issues ranging from working with developers formulating design guidelines for comprehensive projects to selecting building materials, colors, landscaping, and signage.  Because of LOCC/PELT’s actions and support, our elected officials and the Prince William County planning staff have an appropriate and effective format for obtaining citizen input on a wide range of planning issues facing our community including long range Comprehensive Plan input, environmental issues, proposed architectural designs, and many other issues involving a development site’s appearance.

LOCCA generally meets on the last Thursday of each month. However, we do not meet in August for the summer recess and December because of the holidays. Additionally, we meet on the Thursday before Thanksgiving in November. If you would like to be on LOCCA’s e-mail distribution list, please use the “Contact Us” feature on this page to send us a note, If you would like to become a member, you will find the membership form under the appropriate tab at the top of the page.